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Congratulations to the Champion Doubles Team Chris Burleigh and Cody Perkins! They won the 9-Ball Doubles Qualifier Tournament this past weekend and will be heading to Las Vegas in May to compete in the APA 9-Ball Doubles Championship. Thank you to all the teams that participated and made it a great tournament!  


Herkimer 8-Ball – STICKS & STONES
Utica Billiards 8-Ball – PUBLIC ENEMY
Schoharie County 8-Ball – SCRATCH AND BIFF
Oneonta 8-Ball – POCKET POOLERS
Mr. Bills Memorial 8-Ball – CUE STICK CRUISERS
 Miles Nichols Memorial 8-Ball – THE LAST CHANCE
Oneonta 9-Ball – ITS MILLER TIME
Utica Billiards 9-Ball – BLUE BANDITS
Herkimer 9-Ball – SMOOTH STROKES
Karen Pope Memorial 9-Ball – CHALK IS CHEAP


February 2nd – Fall Session MVP Tournament – Hippos

9-Ball Registration – 9am

8-Ball Registration – 1pm

$10 Entry Fee + $5 Table Time


Division 011 - Herkimer Area 8-Ball

High Tier - JOSH COOK, Mike Nelms, Robert Turck Jr, Brian Tripp, Lucas Collard

Middle Tier - JOHN STERIA, Tim Suiter, Jill Christie, Keith Crane, Christine Crouch

Low Tier - CARRIE REX, Ray Cahill, Eron Allison, Jessie Harrington, Cecilia Baumgartner


Division 016 - Utica Billiards 8-Ball

High Tier - DANIEL DONOHUE, Emmett Gould, Leroy Guyer Jr, Chris Edick, Nick Cosgrove

Middle Tier - MICHAEL HAMAN, Brianne Engle, Ron Bambury, Brian Pollard, Jill Christie

Low Tier - AVA CISSON-WRIGHT, MONITA DONOHUE, Zachary Lusby, Michelle Lesniak, Jordan Brown


Division 023 - Schoharie County 8-Ball

High Tier - JASON BYRNE, Paul Trendell, Ryan Spoar, Charles Maxwell, Aaron Davenport

Middle Tier - WILLIAM COCHRAN, Paul Hahn, Walt Zeh, Timothy McHargue, Rick Hemsley

Low Tier - KATRINA ADAMS, Kyle Wright, Carol Fuchs, Matt Hagadorn, Eric Dauley


Division 024 - Oneonta Area 8-Ball

High Tier - DAVID MARKELL, Doug Wells, Joe Vargas, Brian Hassick, Mike Cornish

Middle Tier - JEFFREY TALBOT, Laurie Burch, Sarah Sobers, Julie Polulech, Harry Richards

Low Tier - JENNIFER SOTO, Brennan Hoag, Grace Gaudino, Travis Andrews, Audrianna Butler


Division 032 - Mr. Bills Memorial 8-Ball

High Tier - TOM MINER, BRIAN VANKEUREN, Joe Vargas, David Markell

Middle Tier - ROBERT VROOMAN, Jake More, Andrea Stoutenburg, Paul Davis, James Lockwood, Santo Punturiero

Low Tier - REBECCA GROSSMAN, Audrianna Butler, Jessica Fredenburgh, Beverly Stoesser, David Hoffman


Division 042 - Miles Nichols Memorial 8-Ball

High Tier - ROBERT FAIRCHILD, Jeremy Pope, Derrick Head

Middle Tier - REBECCA CORBIN, Mark Marshall, Jim Monday, Daniel Miller, David Palmer

Low Tier - HEATHER NORTON, Gail Skoros, Dorothy Townsend, Harvey Deforest, Megan McAvoy, Eugene Nichols


Division 211 - Oneonta Area 9-Ball

High Tier - BRIAN HASSICK, Perry Bull, Ira Fox, Doug Wells, Rich Goodspeed

Middle Tier - RICHARD BENJAMIN, Casey Brown, Shane Young, Chris Soto, Shawn Finch

Low Tier - ANGELIA LOUCKS, Alice Wellman, Lori Mayo, Lisa Lussier, Amber Bailey


Division 216 - Utica Billiards 9-Ball

High Tier - CHRISTOPHER EDICK, Lyle Drake, Brandon Fletcher, Tom Seaver, Joe Drake

Middle Tier - DAVID COPPERWHEAT, Jeff Macdonald, James Finch, James Wallis Jr, Chris Burleigh

Low Tier - JORDAN BROWN, Tom Maine, Mary Mitchell, Geri Kasprzyk-Ball, Claire Zerbe


Division 232 - Herkimer Area 9-Ball

High Tier - LUCAS COLLARD, Mike Armstrong, Tom Seaver, Ed Zawtocki, Dennis Spence

Middle Tier - CHARLIE BLAKEMAN, Ryan Zawtocki, Rob Chapple, Meaghan Binney, Don Baylor

Low Tier - CARRIE REX, Cassandra Harrington, Jessica Allcorn, Dale Allcorn, Luan Rand


Division 271 - Karen Pope Memorial 9-Ball

High Tier - ALDEN BELL JR, Pat Christmas, Valden Pittsley, Robert Fairchild

Middle Tier - BRANDON JONES, Tyler Bell, Darron Stanton, Adam Friedman, Chris Barton, Jeremy Rickard

Low Tier - DAYSHA HILL, Kevin Morley, Carol Neale, Andrea Jones, Kristin Stanton



Chenango, Delaware, Herkimer, Madison, Oneida, Otsego, Schoharie
8-Ball Doubles, 8-Ball Open, 9-Ball Doubles, 9-Ball Open


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