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Herkimer 8-Ball – PROJECT MAYHEM

Utica Billiards 8-Ball – BOOMSTICKS

Schoharie 8-Ball – AARON’S TEAM

Oneonta 8-Ball – DINO’S

Stamford 8-Ball – JUST 4 FUN

Miles Nichols Memorial 8-Ball – THE LAST CHANCE

Oneonta 9-Ball – IT’S MILLER TIME

Utica Billiards 9-Ball – CUTZ & SCRATCHEZ

Herkimer 9-Ball – PETE’S II

Karen Pope Memorial 9-Ball – DEAD BALLS




Utica Billiards on the Boulevard  2222 Oriskany St. West, Utica

September 15th

9-Ball Registration at 9am

8-Ball Registration at 1pm

$10 Entry Fee + $5 Table Time

100% Entry Fees will be Paid Out

Single Elimination, 7 Ft. Tables Only

Champion in each Tier will receive spot in Singles Regional.

(Must still be currently active in format to receive a Regional Board)


Division 011 - Herkimer Area 8-Ball

High Tier - DENNIS SPENCE, Chad Garlock, Justin Wainwright, Josh Cook, Josh Randall

Middle Tier - CARL STAFFORD, Rachael Collard, Matt Vohid, Don Perry, Jill Christie

Low Tier - TRACEY NELMS, Jason Thayer, Cecilia Baumgartner, Michael Rex, Ray Cahill

Division 016 - Utica Billiards 8-Ball

High Tier - CHRIS EDICK, Emmett Gould, Andrew Vanmarter, Mike Armstrong, Mike Goodhines

Middle Tier - JESSICA HANSON, Forrest Urquhart, Clayton Burdick, Cliff Maine, Chris Burleigh, Song Seliga

Low Tier - CHRIS CARR, SHEILA GOODHINES, James Finch, Geri Kasprzyk-Ball, Brianne Engle, Claire Zerbe

Division 023 - Schoharie County 8-Ball

High Tier - AARON DAVENPORT, Jason Byrne, Adrieanna Diamond, Paul Trendell, William Lane Jr.

Middle Tier - PAUL HAHN, Titus Giaimo, Bruce Pritchard, Frank Fuchs, Robert Vrooman

Low Tier - KARRIE FOLAND, Wayne Hotaling, Catherine Trendell, Carl Walther III, Brian Righi

Division 024 - Oneonta 8-Ball

High Tier - DAMON SOBERS, ARLU WHITAKER, James Eggler, Joe Vargas, Tom Darling

Middle Tier - LAUREN EWING, Shane Young, Julie Polulech, Peter Figgs, David Fleury, Chris Ingram

Low Tier - RODNEY BRAZIE, Kristina Hassick, Grace Gaudino, Bobby Goss, Jason Lavigne, Livia Rodrigues

Division 032 - Stamford Area 8-Ball

High Tier - DAVID MARKELL, Joe Vargas, Brian Vankeuren, Tom Miner

Middle Tier - TRAVIS CORNELL, Kevin Ellis, George Keyser, Andrea Stoutenburg, Josh Clark

Low Tier - GRACE GAUDINO, Paul Davis, Jennifer Briggs, Valerie Castilleja, Corey Howell

Division 042 - Miles Nichols Memorial 8-Ball


Middle Tier - JOHN BOWEN, Alden Bell, Scott Henzler, David Palmer, Daniel Miller

Low Tier - MARK MARSHALL, Eugene Nichols, Harvey Deforest, Todd Rose, William Olsen

Division 211 - Oneonta Area 9-Ball

High Tier - BRIAN HASSICK, Roger Shipman, Chester Budney, Corey Atwell, James Eggler

Middle Tier - WILLIAM MILLER SR, Julie Polulech, David Fleury, Patricia Fox Shawn Finch, Sean Hall

Low Tier - KRISTINA HASSICK, ASHLEY STEWART, Sharon Clute, Miranda Kreger, Scott Jubar

Division 216 - Utica Billiards 9-Ball

High Tier - ANDREW BERBERICK, Ron Wheatley Jr, Nick Cosgrove, Leroy Guyer Jr, Emmett Gould         

Middle Tier - JESSICA HANSON, Clayton Burdick, Brandon Stevens, Matt Herringshaw, Justin Lacelle

Low Tier - WILLARD ACKERMAN, Ava Cisson-Wright, Mary Mitchell, James Finch, Zach Baker

Division 232 - Herkimer Area 9-Ball

High Tier - ALLEN KVENVIK, Mike Nelms, Justin Wainwright, Ed Zawtocki, Josh Randall, Tom Seaver

Middle Tier - JESSICA HANSON, Adrianna Doxstader, Don Perry, Keith Crane, Tracey Nelms, Matt Vohid

Low Tier - JASMINE WILSON, Carrie Rex, Kara DaCorsi, Terri Nichols, Charlie Blakeman

Division 271 - Karen Pope Memorial 9-Ball

High Tier - NATHAN HEAD, Valden Pittsley, Robert Fairchild, Joe Pittsley, Derrick Head

Middle Tier - BRANDON JONES, Jim Monday, Alden Bell, Carol Neale, Thomas Demuth

Low Tier - DAYSHA HILL, Kevin Morley, Dorothy Townsend, Tyler Bell, Heather Cushman

Chenango, Delaware, Herkimer, Madison, Oneida, Otsego, Schoharie
8-Ball Doubles, 8-Ball Open, 9-Ball Doubles, 9-Ball Open


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