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Herkimer 8-Ball – PROJECT MAYHEM

Hippos In-House 8-Ball – SMOKIN’ CUES

Tribute To Jim 8-Ball – CARHARTT MAFIA

Oneonta 8-Ball – NO PLACE #2

Schoharie 8-Ball – 8 BALL BANDITS

Bob Bowers Memorial 8-Ball – REJUVENATED


Oneonta 9-Ball – AMERICAN LEGION 2

Karen Pope Memorial 9-Ball – CAN’T GET RIGHT

Hippos In-House 9-Ball – TIGHT RACK

Tribute To Jim 9-Ball – CARHARTT MAFIA

Herkimer 9-Ball – PETE’S


Spring Session Top 5 Tournament

June 23rd  @ Utica Billiards on the Boulevard

2222 Oriskany St. West, Utica 13502

9-Ball Registration at 9am

8-Ball Registration at 1pm

$10 Entry Fee + $5 Table Time

Single Elimination Tournament

7 Ft. Tables Only

Champion in each Tier will receive a Singles Board Entry into a Singles Regional

(Must be Active in Summer in the Format Qualified for to Receive a Regional Spot. If not on a Summer Roster but are Qualified, you may still play for the Cash Payout)


Division 011 - Herkimer Area 8-Ball

High Tier - PAUL TRENDELL, Dennis Spence, Ethan Watson, Tom Seaver, Mike Goodhines

Middle Tier - KAREN JOYCE, Chad Garlock, Gary Amendolare, Brian Thayer, Joel Crouch, Tonia Cummings

Low Tier - LUKE CLARK, Jasmine Wilson, Eron Allison, Michael Rex, Matthew Vohid


Division 016 - Hippos 8-Ball

High Tier - MICHAEL ARMSTRONG, Ryan Spoar, Brandon Fletcher, Andrew Vanmarter, Josh Cook, Bryan Kilpeck

Middle Tier - JILL CHRISTIE, Chelsea Wheatley, Jim Rende, Matthew Herringshaw, Brian Pollard, Song Seliga

Low Tier - BRIANNE ENGLE, Evonne Haman, Jessica Hanson, Arthur Gilchrist, Claire Zerbe


Division 023 - Schoharie County 8-Ball

High Tier - JASON BYRNE, John Giaimo, James Fuller, Allan Haverly, Charles Maxwell

Middle Tier - CHUCK LINDQUIST, Melvin Terrell, Walter Zeh, Eric Dauley, Devan Smida

Low Tier - RYAN HOOP, Michelle Pickett, Adrienne Haig, Heather Sherman, Kelly Felitti


Division 024 - Oneonta 8-Ball

High Tier - IRA FOX, Doug Wells, Brian Hassick, Jim Clark, David Markell

Middle Tier - GEORGE BEAMS, Kate Andrews, Rich Goodspeed, Laurie Burch, Chris Burger, Bill Miller

Low Tier - LAUREN EWING, Kristina Hassick, Stephen Banks, Brennan Hoag, Lisa Lussier


Division 032 - Stamford Area 8-Ball

High Tier - JAMES FULLER, Brian Hassick, David Markell, Danielle Forte, Tom Miner

Middle Tier - JEFFREY TALBOT, Matthew George, Andrea Stoutenburg, Frankie Byrne, Travis Cornell

Low Tier - DARRELL STANNARD JR, Ralph Stoesser, Yvonne Ferraro-All, Yulonnda Garcia, Ann Wieland


Division 040 - Tribute To Jim 8-Ball

High Tier - DENNIS SPENCE, Dan Donohue, Justin Wainwright, Mike Nelms, Ethan Watson

Middle Tier - TONIA CUMMINGS, Denise Cockey, Randy Saunders, Steven Csete, Jamie Cary

Low Tier - JASMINE WILSON, Terri Nichols, Tracey Nelms, Monita Donohue, Kara DaCorsi, Vanessa Saunders


Division 042 - Bob Bowers Memorial 8-Ball

High Tier - MATT MCCARTY, Robert Fairchild, Justen Rickard, Edward Lovell

Middle Tier - DAVID SHAMP, Daniel Alpaugh, Robin Linger, Kayla Simpson, Alden Bell

Low Tier - KEVIN MORLEY, Tracy Philhower, David Palmer, Harvey Deforest, William Olsen


Division 211 - Oneonta Area 9-Ball

High Tier - SARAH SOBERS, Michael Webster, George Keyser, Doug Wells, Brian Vankeuren

Middle Tier - GEORGE BEAMS, Mike LaSalle, Jennifer Briggs, Jennifer Soto, Perry Bull, Roger Shipman

Low Tier - JOHANNA MARR, Alice Wellman, Lisa Lussier, Kristina Hassick, Trista Lindsay


Division 216 - Hippos 9-Ball

High Tier - BRANDON FLETCHER, Ryan Spoar, Andy Berberick, Mike Goodhines, Mike Armstrong, Tom Seaver

Middle Tier - JONATHAN BERBERICK, David Copperwheat, Matt Herringshaw, Cliff Maine, James Wallis

Low Tier - JANELLE FAULKNER, FRANK HOTALING, Mary Mitchell, Michael Hibbard, Tom Maine


Division 232 - Herkimer Area 9-Ball

High Tier - TOM SEAVER, Josh Randall, Mike Popiel, Ed Zawtocki, Josh Cook

Middle Tier - JILL CHRISTIE, Rob Rodgers, Josh Delaney, Justin Talbot, Cecilia Baumgartner

Low Tier - TERRI NICHOLS, Kara DaCorsi, Amanda Rhone, Katrina Doxtader, Christina Lopez


Division 240 - Tribute To Jim 9-Ball

High Tier - JOSHUA RANDALL, Dennis Spence, Justin Wainwright, Mike Nelms, Ethan Watson

Middle Tier - DENISE COCKEY, Heather Randall, Jamie Cary, Dana Doxstader, Tonia Cummings

Low Tier - KARA DACORSI, Monita Donohue, Tracey Nelms, Vanessa Saunders, Terri Nichols


Division 271 - Karen Pope Memorial 9-Ball

High Tier - JEREMY POPE, Alden Bell, Nathan Head, Derrick Head, Robin Linger

Middle Tier - DANA HILL, Cathy Sherman, Joe Pittsley, Aleta Washburn, Daniel Alpaugh

Low Tier - KEVIN MORLEY, Gloria Russett, Kayla Simpson, Andrea Jones, Dorothy Townsend




Chenango, Delaware, Herkimer, Madison, Oneida, Otsego, Schoharie
8-Ball Doubles, 8-Ball Open, 9-Ball Doubles, 9-Ball Open


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